2011 Scottsdale Arizona Arabian Horse Show

Reflections from Linda:Scottsdale 2011

The show went well and we all had a good time. The Prairie Gem Team – Sylvia Rogan, Kerry McFadden and Shannon McFadden – all rode their best and all got placed in at least one class. Shannon and Kerry rode like two brave little girls, first time in big classes in an enormous arena, and with some of the best riders in the country. “So cute,” was the comment that many people said about the two of them. And the horses, Alexander and Sunny, were their usual “up to challenge” but actually did pretty well. They said they had so much fun.Scottsdale 2011

Sylvia was in some of the biggest classes that I have ever seen, in the 12 years that I have been going to this show. She had 27 in her Country Pleasurre Championship class, 20 in her Show Hack Class with Kat, and 16 in the Show Hack with Merritt. Speaking of Merritt, he was great!! The horse with a big heart. He did well in the dressage, so pretty. And came in 8th in the show hack.
So much better than last year, and he worked so hard and really Scottsdale 2011
looked good. Made me so proud of them both. Sylvia rode like the champ that she is and came in 4th in the Saddleseat Equitation Medal class, amid very tough competition. And then 6th in the UPHA. I might have that backwards, but something close to that. Very good riding, and decided that Kat will make a good Costume horse.

To make things even more fun, we were blessed with several of the Prairie Gem team who came out to cheer on the girls. Those who joined us were the Rynaski family, Grace, her brother Nate, Kelly and Todd, her parents, Kris and Tasha Arritt, Melissa and Sara Braymen,and Linda Maiefski, who intended to just “help” braid and warm up horses, but I put her really to work. There was just so much to do and we got those girls into all the classes.

In all, it was a great show. All the horses stayed healthy, traveled well,roads were wonderful and we had some sunny days and then rain, big time!