From Ivy A. - 11 years old: I first started riding horses with Linda Brown. She was a great trainer with a lot of knowledge and experience. I learned more than I expected to learn which was great. Before I advanced Linda made sure I knew all the parts of a horse. Her horses were beautiful and responsive. It was a great experience!


From Jenifer M. - Adult: My sister and I began training a couple of years ago with Linda and she has been extremely helpful with teaching us skills and also with understanding the personalities and needs of horses in general. She has helped us to know how to build bonds with any horse, but also with the horses that we eventually purchased from her barn. Working with Linda and Rob has been a wonderful experience.


From Beth I. - Adult: Training with Linda Brown has brought my riding from one of a hang on and pray style, to one in which I can communicate with my horse. I have become a confident rider that is comfortable with ground work, lunge lining, and walking and trotting.


From SK - Adult: Learning from Linda Brown was a very valuable opportunity. I learned so much and she set me up to have the opportunity to do my own business and able to train my own along with continuing support. Linda is a trainer with great detail that stood out from other trainers, particularly in equitation. She has taught hundreds of children and adults how to be excellently balanced, patient riders, along with teaching how to connect with the horse and understand natural horsemanship, which lots of show trainers don’t do. That’s a quality that made her stand out, teaching the rider how to work with the horse on issues instead of the trainer just doing it all. Linda is definitely gifted in teaching creating top notch riders!


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