2010 Show Highlights

Cedar Rapids Spooktacular

Grace Rynaski and her horse “ManRay” won their very first class ever in competition in Cedar Rapids in Nov. 2010, her dad, Todd won his first time in the ring showing ManRay in halter.  Congratulations to you both!

Kansas City RoyalTaylor and Pete

Big Congratulations go to Taylor McDermott, on her first Class A show, with “Pete”. They showed at the fun filled American Royal Arabian Horse Show, in Kansas City, on Sept. 25 – 27. What a team they were as they entered into their first class and did so well, they came out with a first place ribbon. Oh, what joy!!!  Everyone was asking who they were and commenting on how nice they looked together, and what a good rider she was, and on and on.  Taylor deserved every bit of the praise. And so did Pete. He did so well, and has shown a lot more maturity, and displayed how much he likes and trusts Taylor. It was so fun to see it all happen. She did really well in the rest of their classes. It was a great show for them and us.

Sylvia halter Sylvia Rogan did her usual showing for success. She had to ride in front of Judge Larry Hoffman, whom we know pretty well, from showing for years with him and his team from Minnesota, at Region XI shows. He made Sylvia earn every point, which I was happy about, as he knew who she was and what she is capable of doing and didn’t cut her any slack. So she rode extremely well, for the last show of the season and finished her darling filly, Mauvro Daphne’s halter career, with much gratification. Sylvia and Daphne showed in halter for two years, Daphne as a yearling, and then as a two year old, and progressed in their technique very well. Even though Daphne is not really a refined halter horse, she was bred for performance, she learned a lot and became quite a nice lady in the ring. There’s been many a times when Sylvia did a lot of dirt skiing and big circle dancing with her. Oh. . . such memories! Daphne grew up even more on this past Saturday, and started her under saddle training with her buddy, Cowboy Bill. She will get just a few weeks of light training, on the ground work and bit work and introduced to the saddle, but no riding until next year. Go Bill!!!!

And then, to sing Sylvia’s praises even more, she buried her bad feelings for Showmanship (remember the flip she did in the Scottsdale ring with Carmella), and took Riston into the showring in  Showmanship in Kansas City. What an awesome job.  She truly is an all around horse woman, and a great example of being an overcomer. Go Sylvia!!!!!

Iowa Gold Star show HUGE success!!!Sylvia and Gold

Labor Day Weekend was spent showing horses in one of the country’s largest futurity shows, in Des Moines, Iowa. Sylvia showed Daphne in halter, Merritt in Show Hack, Saddleseat Equitation, Country Pleasure; Riston in English Sidesaddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunter Pleasure and Showmanship; Alexander in Western Sidesaddle, Western Horsemanship, Western Pleasure; Momentums Gold Gem “Gold” (our palomino, 4 year old stallion) in Western Pleasure Junior Horse; and Momentum NA (our black stallion) in Western Pleasure Junior To Ride, where she won the class, defeating Remington Magnum, a multinational champion stallion. Way to go Sylvia!!!!!!
So much fun and we are so proud of you for all your accomplishments.

Sarah and KreweketTasha and Azzon

Tasha and PeteNatasha Arritt and Sara Braymen rode their lovely geldings in many classes. Sara rode Gemmenekreweket in Saddleseat Equitation and Country Pleasure. She did a fine job and had a blast posing for beauty shots in the gorgeous park at the show grounds. That “look” and trot continues to refine. Keep it up Sara.

Tasha and FF Azzon were very competitive in Showmanship, Western Pleasure and Western Horsemanship. . Tasha and Azzon are really improving and are going to be serious contenders in next year’s shows.

Photo Credits:  Kris Arritt